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Southern California fiber and mixed media artists Deborah Weir, Susan Willen, and Carol Nilsen comprise the Bent Needle Collective. Each brings a distinct perspective and range of creative techniques to the whole. Their processes include dyeing, printing, piecing, layering, quilting, appliquéing, and much more. Their 2D and 3D work is on the leading edge of the fiber art movement While their pieces are unique, the exhibitions are visually and thematically unified.

The artists of the Bent Needle Collective create impactful works that are big, bold and beautiful. With abstraction and subtlety, they explore current affairs while offering a light of hope for a way forward. BNC artists push their work in new directions, while challenging viewers, makers and non-makers alike, to freshly consider fiber art as a medium for examining important issues of our time.

The slide show below is comprised of the18 pieces which make up the latest exhibit: NATURE COLORIZED.  Their creators, titles and dimensions appear with them.   Each art quilt and 3D piece was inspired by a natural phenomenon, and they show the artists' dedication to the power of color.

Carol Nilsen

Homage to the West Coast

27" x 34.5"

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