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Carol Nilsen


I mull over ideas and experiences, both public and personal, and reinterpret them in vintage, recycled or overdyed silks and linens, metallics, and, more recently, my own hand dyed fabrics.  I love that vintage fibers have had their own distant history, and that many hands have held them, worn them, changed them, before passing them to me for this reincarnation, while my handdyed fabrics are starting out on their first venture.

I simplify and reduce ideas or experiences to fundamental shapes, conveying value and emotion in fabric color and texture.  Through careful and repetitive concentric stitching, I create a visual meditation on these concepts, with original shapes gradually morphing into new forms before ultimately being exhausted. 

Of late, I’ve focused on layering my hand dyed silk organza, gauze, and chiffon over gold- and silver-leaf and brocade.  Colors react with each other and varying lights, creating new depth, intensity, and texture.

I try to share a slow, deliberative, and evolving contemplation of complicated ideas with the viewer.

669 Canyon View Drive, Laguna Beach, CA 92651 

Phone Number: (949) 510-2355


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